Hyde Park Construction 2024 Sponsor: Royal Escape Race Tracking

Live Tracking Sponsorship

Following on from the success in 2023, the 44th Royal Escape Race 2024 will feature live tracking and online broadcast of competitors.

The Race Committee would like to the thank Hyde Park Construction Ltd for this kind donation and hope this extra visibility of the race will enhance the race experience for all competitors and their onshore support teams. Race tracking will be delivered by industry experts Yellow Bricks and kindly provided by the Hyde Park Construction Ltd.

Historical Significance
The Sussex Yacht Club, renowned for its rich maritime heritage, proudly hosts the annual Royal Escape Race, a sailing competition steeped in history and tradition.

Historic Sailing Adventure Race

After his defeat at the Battle of Worcester, King Charles II made a perilous journey across England, seeking refuge. His escape culminated in a daring sea voyage from Brighton to France, aboard a humble fishing vessel. Under the cover of darkness, he set sail across the English Channel, a dangerous and unpredictable passage, especially in such a rudimentary craft.

This daring escape across the Channel is the very essence of the Royal Escape Race. The event not only commemorates the physical journey of King Charles II but also embodies the spirit of resilience, courage, and resourcefulness that he displayed.

Sailors who participate in the race each year are not just competing in a sailing event; they are reenacting a significant chapter of British history. The race route, closely mirroring the king’s original escape path, offers a tangible connection to the past, allowing participants to experience a small part of the king’s epic journey.

The Race Today
Each year, the Sussex Yacht Club meticulously organizes this event, maintaining a balance between competitive sailing and historical celebration.

Sussex Royal Yacht Competition

The race typically starts from Brighton, near the site of King Charles II's departure, and finishes in Fécamp, France, mirroring the king's journey across the English Channel. The course spans approximately 60-70 nautical miles and is open to a wide range of sailing vessels, from sophisticated racing yachts to classic cruisers. This diversity not only adds to the competitive spirit but also reflects the inclusivity at the heart of the club's ethos.

The Royal Escape Race is more than just a competition; it's a community event that brings together sailors of all ages and abilities. The Sussex Yacht Club encourages participation from both seasoned racers and novices, offering an opportunity for everyone to experience the thrill of offshore racing.

In addition to the race, the event includes a series of social gatherings and educational talks. These events provide insights into the historical context of the race, along with discussions on sailing techniques and safety at sea. The camaraderie experienced during these gatherings is a testament to the club's commitment to fostering a strong sailing community.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
In recent years, the Sussex Yacht Club has integrated a strong environmental ethos into the race.

Working For a Sustainable Sport

Initiatives to promote sustainability and protect marine life are at the forefront of planning, with efforts to minimize the ecological impact of the event. This commitment reflects a broader trend in sailing towards environmental responsibility and aligns with the club's vision for a sustainable future in the sport.

The Sussex Yacht Club's Royal Escape Race is more than just a regatta; it's a celebration of history, a test of skill and endurance, and a gathering of a vibrant community. It symbolizes the enduring spirit of adventure that defines sailing, honoring the past while looking forward to the future.

For those who participate, it's an unforgettable experience, a chance to be part of a living history, and to forge new stories on the open sea. As the club prepares for the next Royal Escape Race, it continues to uphold the traditions that make this event a cornerstone of the British sailing calendar. Hyde Park Construction is proud to be a part of this event.